The Syrian War Goes On: Five People to Pray For

I never believed God cared about the Syrian Civil War. I didn’t consciously think he was ambivalent, but my attitude about the issue revealed my underlying belief. Looking at the tragedies of the situation, I doubted God’s hand in such a difficult area of the world. If God cared, the war would be over. IContinue reading “The Syrian War Goes On: Five People to Pray For”

Stop Worshiping Mike Pence

A couple months before Donald Trump was elected president, I was speaking to a friend about the election. “You know, I don’t like Trump, but he’s better than Hillary,” my friend, like millions of others, said. “Is he?” I asked rhetorically. I didn’t like either one, but my vote later reflected my disagreement with him.Continue reading “Stop Worshiping Mike Pence”